CHID 496

Venus: Bringer of Peace


I found it ironic that Venus is described as the “bringer of peace”, and yet it is so hot and dry that it is the least hospitable of all of the planets.  The description of Venus as being extremely hot, dense, and almost completely void of water does not invoke a feeling of peace in me, but instead something that is almost like fear.  Venus does not seem peaceful; it is scary and capable of engulfing entire space craft in no time at all.  What I did find interesting was the fact that all of the names on Venus are female.  It is a way to honor femininity and the peaceful nature that such a characteristic conveys (although even the female names will not convince me that Venus is supposed to be peaceful).  Although I appreciate that all of the names on Venus are female, it was a little hard for me to take the planet seriously when a volcanic vent is names Sacajawea, a name I associate with Lewis and Clark.

One thing I did take away from this article was the importance of global warming and how the greenhouse affect can mean bad things for Earth.  If we continue to pump CO2 molecules into the atmosphere without any regard for what we are doing, it is entirely possible that the air on Earth become as dense as the air on Venus, leading to an extreme increase in temperature and certain extinction of the human race.  While this would take millions of years to occur, it is still something to worry about.  Venus is an example of exactly what we do not want to have happen to Earth.  If only Venus had water, then it could possibly be considered peaceful.  But then, if it did have water, then it would be exactly like Earth, which is an interesting topic to think about.  What if there were two Earths?